Silver Coast Beach Resort

Lourinhã, Portugal

Planned for a large 1.3 hectare plot in Lourinhã, in the Portuguese Silver Coast area, this project aims to take advantage of its rich natural surroundings by efficiently distributing its ample construction area, therefore maintaining both a sparse ground occupation, with large outdoor areas and gardens, and a low building height, with a three floor maximum, allowing for generous natural lighting and closer contact with the environment. The organic distribution and placement of the housing units allows for more varied and interesting outdoor spaces with different relationships with the surrounding landscape, along with a breakdown of the complex’s large scale, creating a more intimate and natural living experience.

The recognition of the surrounding environment’s importance is also associated with the employment of sustainable building solutions, with high performance thermal insulation and double glazing, together with a ventilated stone facade, allowing for high energy efficiency, while roof mounted solar panels provide renewable energy, mainly used for water heating.

Client McAnthony Realty
Date 2007 - 2009
Construction Area 37.000m2