Red Square Tolerance Pavilion

Moscow, Russia

The Red Square is a large urban space located next to the Kremlin, surrounded by several Russian architectural references such as Lenin’s Mausoleum and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. An irrefutable symbol of power, hosting numerous military parades during the Cold War, the Red Square is one of the world’s most iconic spaces and a symbol of strength and authority.

Conceptually this pavilion is based on the use of a ring shape to symbolise union through the celebration of acceptance between all members of society. The program is conceived along the idea of a continuous circular path leading through areas that have an educational, cultural and recreational message. These areas would be associated with a single large open leisure space, the Tolerance Square - a semi-contained, central public space naturally resulting from the shape of our proposal.

We believe that our pavilion would be a symbol for Peace, a place for learning the need of recognition and respect for all creeds, races and political, religious or sexual orientations. After the pavilion is removed, a footprint stamp of the inner Tolerance Square would remain behind on the floor of the Red Square as a constant reminder for the need of Tolerance in society.

Client Moscow City Hall
Date 2014
Construction Area 470m2