PT Pro Showroom

Lisbon, Portugal

Developed for major telecommunications network PT Telecom, and inspired by the firm’s desire to provide tailor made solutions for its very diverse clients, this project aims to create a deeply flexible space, able to adapt to a wide variety of uses, not only functionally, but also in term of mood and environment. Meanwhile, we tried to ensure that the space maintained a core identity of its own, regardless of its many uses and customization options.

The core of our concept is the repetition of a cylindrical element, varying in height, to create a ceiling grid that loosely defines spatial divisions and provides the project’s visual identity. Its image is then radically altered and adjusted through the use of different lighting solutions, combined with large programmable displays, to achieve the desired mood for each situation. Large rotating ceiling panels further contribute to the space’s flexibility by manipulating this grid to strengthen or dissolve the limits between the different spaces, effectively joining them in a single large space, subdividing it into many smaller spaces, or anything in between.

Client PT Telecom
Date 2011
Construction Area 360m2