Prague 7 Town Hall

Prague, Czech Republic

The objective of this project was to refurbish an existing office building, converting it into a new Town Hall for the Prague 7 district, in the city of Prague. The brief called for a certain clarity and simplicity in the building’s layout as an expression of the occupying public services’ policies of openness and transparency. This was an issue we responded to with a simple organization scheme based around a central core developing vertically along all floors, which contains most technical and support areas, and allows circulation both between floors and within each floor. This left the main functional areas to develop along the building’s facades, taking advantage of the natural lighting and ventilation.

Sustainability was also a major concern, with this use of natural lighting and ventilation paired with a number of passive building technologies to minimize energy consumption. The most notable of these systems is the facade itself, composed of different modules of glazing, both fixed and movable, and vertical shading elements in varying rhythms and proportions. The apparently haphazard placement of these modules is actually designed according to the specific climatic needs of each interior space, enabling the customization of different interior environments, while simultaneously creating the building’s strong visual identity.

Client Prague 7 Town Hall
Date 2015
Construction Area 5.400m2