Oney Offices

Lisbon, Portugal

The brief for this project implied the renovation of a building in Alcântara, an old consolidated industrial area with heterogeneous functionality, combining housing with industry, restaurants, small business and creative industries. The building itself presented a number of challenges due to both its own configuration, and to the poor state of preservation of surrounding warehouses.

Starting with the idea of preserving the existing building whenever possible, we proposed that the new intervention include materials and elements that reference the site’s industrial past, with some more sophisticated details to contrast and highlight the roughness of the existing surfaces. In addition, we wanted to introduce a new factor: nature. This new elements reduces the impact of the rawness of industrial materials and humanizes the workplace.

The layout includes fully independent work spaces arranged individually or in small groups, maximizing distribution of natural light and allowing close proximity to public spaces for socializing between employees, generating enthusiasm and movement in the workplace.

Client ONEY
Project 2011 - 2012
Construction Area 2.300m2