"O Meu Dentista" Clinics


The objective for this clinic was very clear from the start. It was about creating a concept for a dental clinic in a shopping mall and, in that context, establishing a closer relationship with the specific audience characteristic to this location. This implied the challenge of combining the strong commercial side of the project with the seriousness, confidence and expected cleanliness of a heath facility.

Our spatial solution is focused on a suspended cylindrical volume that hangs from the ceiling and defines the clinic’s façade while organizing its public areas, and protecting the waiting area from the general public. To the sides of the waiting area two interview and screening offices were placed. From there, patients have access to the quieter and enclosed clinic area. This area is built around a central white hallway that takes the patients to the different treatment rooms, and allows personnel access to technical areas.

The project was also developed having in mind that it would become a reference for following clinics from the same company, thus using solutions that can be adapted to different spaces while retaining a familiar brand identity and visual impact.

Client Private
Date 2010 - 2014
Construction Area -
Photography João Morgado - Architectural Photography