Multi-Story Car Park

Lisbon, Portugal

Part of a competition for the Portas do Sol area in Lisbon, this project, developed in partnership with SA Arquitectos, involved, not only the creation of an automated parking silo, but also the extension of one of the city’s most emblematic overlook points. This work represented an intensive search for the integration of several issues into an interpretation of architecture, resulting in an object that materializes a number of factors: the need to answer new urban challenges, particularly regarding insufficient parking in older areas of the city, the potential to introduce and maximise a new leisure area, and the desire to preserve and enhance the site’s identity as a landscape.

All this was accomplished through a volume that represents, not a building, but an integral piece of the hillside – a sustaining wall, covered in plants, that surprises with the scent and colour of its vegetation.

Client EMEL
Project 2004
Construction Area -