Mint Dentistry Clinic

Lisbon, Portugal

Given the clinic's relatively small dimensions and complex geometry, an effort was made to limit the number of different materials used in order to maintain a clear and uncluttered appearance. White lacquered panels, polished cement screed and light wood floors, which give way to more easily cleaned vinyl flooring in matching colour inside the procedure rooms, cover ceilings, walls and floors, alternating between them to suggest subtly different spaces and highlight the existing space's peculiar geometry.

In the reception area, the white lacquered panels are replaced by a composition of custom-made fiberglass tiles, some of which are slightly curved to create discreet pockets for recessed lighting and house potted plants.

Most of the clinic's interior, where it has no direct connection to the building's facade, is illuminated by skylights, with interior partitions designed mostly in glass to help make the most of this natural lighting.

Client Mint Dentistry Clinic
Date 2016
Construction Area 226m2