Kilamba Masterplan

Kilamba, Angola

This masterplan, developed for a 13.7 hectare region in Kilamba, on the outskirts of Luanda, attempts to understand and reinterpret Angola’s traditions and present them in an innovative, urban and contemporary way. The main generation matrix is the primary circulation ribbon, inspired by traditional sona sand drawings. This circulation loop dynamically connects and relates the different scales and functions of the surrounding buildings, while naturally defining individual lots and planned construction phases.

The whole plan is envisioned as an extensive urban park, with generous natural and exterior areas directed towards more private or public functions. Exterior green areas are created on building rooftops, which develop vertically whenever possible to free ground surface for fluid circulation and recreation areas.

Functionally, the plan proposes a central zone with two large hotels and a main square dedicated to public buildings and services, integrated with housing buildings that cover the quieter and more secluded areas. Along the main access to the complex through Kilamba Road, two tall office towers, connected by a large commercial space on their lower levels, mark and enliven the entrance square.

Client Private
Date 2014
Construction Area 137.000m2