School of Economics and Management Extension

Lisbon, Portugal

The brief for this project called for the refurbishment and expansion of an existing building, located within the grounds of the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG), into workspaces and facilities for the institution’s graduate students and researchers. Together with the desire to provide the finished building with a strong cohesive image that allowed for its integration and dialogue with the complex’s existing buildings, the main driving factor behind our proposal was an attempt to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for its future users.

Based on the recognition of the importance of both social contact and intentional seclusion, as well as the articulation between them, in a working environment, our project attempts to provide its inhabitants with varying degrees of intimacy and privacy. The lower floor consists of a ring of small semi-private offices, organized along the existing facade in order to ensure proper lighting and ventilation, and a core flexible social area that serves as both a meeting point and meal area, as well as an occasional auditorium. The upper floor is mostly taken up by a large open space, carefully subdivided by panels into smaller working areas in order to preserve their intimacy. These work areas are independently illuminated by skylights along the serrated roof and complemented by common storage areas and small private offices for individual work and informal meetings.

Client Lisbon School of Economics and Management
Project 2016
Construction Area 2.080m2