Galp Cycling Bridge

Lisbon, Portugal

This proposal materializes an intersection of two distinct paradigms: one intimate from the cyclist and pedestrian perspective, the other voyeuristic from the passing vehicles.

For the moving vehicle, this element needs to be represented as one unique piece, to be viewed from a distance and at high speeds. This means there is no room to be concerned with small details, since they move too fast to notice. During the day the exterior of the object is clad by a robust material that faces onto unforgiving surroundings, while at night its permeability allows its orange interior to light up, giving it a glowing form. Function defined form, allowing the shortest possible crossing distance at recommended angles for efficient use and comfort.

The cyclists and pedestrians experience the object from within. It relates to them in a more intimate and tactile way, protecting them from the moving traffic below. The twisting sides provide selective views of the surrounding area by revealing and concealing perspectives. Here, scale of detail is important, as they are perceived from a short distance and at slower speeds.

Client Galp Energy
Date 2009
Construction Area -