Fraunhofer Lisbon Offices

Lisbon, Portugal

Despite a smaller built area and slightly different functional program, the project shares a number of similarities with Fraunhofer’s Oporto offices – which we also designed, and whose success led to our involvement in this process - seeking to maintain the strong visual identity developed there, while adapting it to this particular site’s constraints and potential.

The playful curves of the reception area and the bold colours of the volume housing the lounge and silent rooms – small rooms for private work or impromptu meetings – along with the light-hearted graphic design, aim to preserve the company’s creative and informal atmosphere. On the other hand, the main open space office area is more subdued, creating a calmer workspace and maximizing the potential of its large glazed openings onto the garden outside. The more discrete language of this space is characterized by its monochromatic colour scheme and by the varying stripes that define the ceiling, which simultaneously create a visual rhythm and help distribute and conceal the necessary infrastructures.

Client Fraunhofer
Date 2015
Construction Area 470m2