Clip Concept Store - Ceiling detail

Clip Concept Store

Oporto, Portugal

Located in the city of Oporto, the Clip Concept Store is a multi-brand clothing store whose core business is the sale of jeans. The client requested an extremely ergonomic space that could facilitate the contact between his clients and the articles on display, promoting their sale.

Clip Concept Store - General view

The client’s desire for an “urban” image was the starting point for this project, leading to the use of exposed concrete and raw steel. A number of elements were introduced to create a sense of movement a fluidity within the space, countering its narrow proportions and inviting the clients into the store and along its interior. These elements include linear lighting along the ceiling and a clear demarcation of circulation paths in the pavement.

Clip Concept Store - View of clothes section display
Clip Concept Store - View of jeans section display
Clip Concept Store - Plan

Much of this project came down to a matter of detail, where every display and piece of furniture was carefully designed to account for the interactions between the potential clients and the products on sale. Tables, for example, were customized to ensure their height matched the average height of a passing person’s hand, allowing the clothing to remain at touching distance, while special pieces were created to ergonomically exhibit jeans. The versatile mid-shop displays conform to different objectives, creating various levels of display, including a lower levels for shoes, while creating additional options for ease of stocking.

Clip Concept Store - Dark wood wall detail
Clip Concept Store - Dark wood wall and jeans display detail

Distinct details, carefully articulated between themselves, contribute to the space’s variety – a shale wall where clients can write and leave messages, changing room doors lacquered with paint that changes colour depending on viewing angle, and even a large 10 square meter screen playing images that move to the rhythm of the music.

Clip Concept Store - Changing room door opening sequence
Clip Concept Store - Changing room door opening sequence
Clip Concept Store - Changing room door opening sequence
Clip Concept Store - Changing room door and handle detail

Fundamentally, the space seeks to distinguish itself through careful detailing and attention to the way articles are displayed.

Clip Concept Store - Clothes hanger detail


Clip Concept Store



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