Clinic in Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras, Portugal

The functional program for this dental clinic is divided into three main areas: a clinical area containing the main rooms for medical procedures, a support area containing technical, storage and staff rooms, and a public area encompassing the reception and waiting areas, along with public circulation.

These public areas are characterized by a cladding system composed of wooden blades that run vertically along the walls and continue across the ceiling. Allowed to rotate on individual pivots, and given a white finish on one side while maintaining their natural wooden appearance on the other, these blades create an ever changing rhythm that carefully balances the visual cohesion of the whole with the potential for variation and diversity. When applied as a filter between the public and clinic areas, this system is given additional complexity, both by its role in adaptively controlling visual contact between these spaces, and by its interactions with light throughout the day.

Client Private
Date 2014 - 2015
Construction Area 125m2