Clinic in Barreiro

Barreiro, Portugal

This dental clinic occupies a floor in an office building located in a commercial area of Barreiro, along the Tagus river’s southern shore. It encompasses a relatively large area for this kind of program, and, as such, special attention was placed on the waiting area, which aimed to be an ample, central and comfortable space. A white undulating corridor leads users from the reception area into an unconventional waiting area which functions as the clinic’s core – its generating space – from which all clinic, examination and technical areas develop along separate client and staff circuits.

While a functional brief of this nature implies the creation of imminently functional and aseptic spaces - since the clinical procedures they house imply strict adherence to a variety of technical norms - we intended for the clinic to be, most of all, a sophisticated, comfortable and welcoming place. The space is characterized by an absolute absence of colour, placing emphasis on its varying shapes, opacities, transparencies and materials. The dark ceiling makes the space more welcoming. The clinical areas are white, bright and sterilized, so, in the public areas, all reference to such clinical environments was removed, with the use of dark, glossy materials unusual in such a setting.

Client Private
Date 2012
Construction Area 520m2
Photography João Morgado - Architectural Photography