Aguavida Hair & Beauty

Brighton, United Kingdom

The brief called for the creation of a hair salon with health and beauty treatment rooms in what was previously a clothing store, located in an old Victorian building along a busy commercial axis in Brighton & Hove. The geometry of the space consisted of a relatively narrow glazed front extending deeply into the interior of the building. We took advantage of this proportion by creating lines that accentuated this perception of depth in such a way that the space could be clearly perceived by people passing by. Towards the rear of the space, we placed the quiet and more relaxed treatment areas - a pedicure room and two private spa rooms.

When construction began and the demolition of the existing space was complete, we discovered an original brick wall, common in the Victorian era, which fit perfectly into our concept. We chose to clean and polish the wall and make it an integral part of our design, functioning as a textured surface that contrasts with the smoothness of the full height mirrors, and creates rhythm and alternating depth of the visual field.

Client Private
Date 2007
Construction Area 100m2
Photography João Morgado - Architectural Photography