Zer0 Museum Tavira, Portugal

Client Instituto Lusíada de Cultura
Location Tavira, Algarve
Project 2014-2015
Construction Predicted conclusion in 2016
Construction Area 2.500m2

1st Place in public competition

The conceptual proposal for the Zer0 Museum had as its premise the creation of a centre for digital arts in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, an area with a mostly agricultural character, sparsely urbanized and populated. The briefing assumed the rehabilitation of an old industrial building and cereal storage silos, which we sought to maintain as a visual landmark, with all the construction necessary to the functioning of the new museum merely underlining their volumetric presence.

The program seeks the creation of a new focus of cultural interest, visibility and attraction, founded on the idea of sustainability without the need for large investments in permanent productions or facilities. In this manner, the architecture also seeks the highest possible viability and economy of means. Almost all existing construction is preserved, including the deactivated machinery, crucial to the understanding of the site’s history and previous uses. Whenever necessary to compartmentalize the existing space, translucent and easy to disassemble boxes are created, illuminating the space and making the intervention clear and ephemeral, while the remaining space is left bare.