Fraunhofer Oporto Offices win 2011 Archdaily "Building of the Year" Award

This year’s Archdaily prize for "Building of the Year" in the Interiors category was given to Pedra Silva Arquitectos for the Fraunhofer Portugal Headquarters project.

From an initial group of about 400 proposed projects for the interior category, the final round was shared with four other projects (MTV, Red Bull, AOL and no Pic-Nic).

Archdaily is the world’s largest architecture publishing website, with about 200 thousand daily readers (350 million page views in 2011) and 467 thousand people following it on Facebook and 60 thousand on Twitter, making it one of the leading architecture display platforms in the world today.

The Interiors category was one of the 14 existing categories running in the Archdaily "Building of The Year" Prize. Other categories winners included renowned architects, such as OMA, Steven Holl, Schmidt Hammer architects, RO&AD, RARE and ACXT.

You can find more information on the award here.

Fraunhofer Oporto